BDBD is Proverbs 6:16-19

The common theme in the six things the Lord hates and the seven detestable is that they harm themselves and others at the same time.

Haughty eyes are self-pride that causes us to look down on others as inferior, weak, and stupid. Saul had haughty eyes whenever he saw David. He was troubled by an evil spirit and committed suicide.

A lying tongue is a deception that is associated elsewhere as witchcraft. God is truth and Satan is the father of lies. Judas lied to Jesus when he betrayed him. He hung himself.

Shedding innocent blood is associated with self-pride and hate. Cain killed his younger brother Abel who had done no wrong. The aftermath was a troubled soul and society.

Devising wicked schemes comes from an unsettled heart. The religious leaders of Jesus’ day plotted to arrest, publicly humiliate, and kill Jesus. Less than 40 years later they lost their country, national city, the temple, and their loves.

Rushing into evil may seem like a good idea at the time but after the act is finished only misery and regret remain. Those who took a vow to not eat till Paul was killed either died or lived in shame.

False witnesses pull apart families and society. The false witnesses during Jesus’ trial saw Jerusalem burn and their children die.

A person stirs up conflict either hopes to gain something or is full of jealousy, fear, and hate. The spies Moses sent into the promised land ended up dying in the desert, never to step into the promised land again.