BDBD is Proverbs 5:7-10

Adultery is to be avoided because a divided soul will not function well. Continuing with a divided soul does not mend a broken life. Infidelity self-robs strength, giving it to another (9). For when a man and woman are made into one through the covenant of marriage they are bound and synchronized by the hand of God. Marital immorality drains the life of the one made from the two like the sun drains a grape changing it into a hard raisin.

Marriage starts with a covenant before and with God thus becoming a newborn soul. The new life needs nourishment and nurturing to mature as a newborn baby does. Toil is a part of the maturing marital life. As the bounded conjugal soul develops they become a unique new life. Marital life is a reflection of the holy relationship between the Father and Jesus through the Spirit. The conjugal soul is more valuable than all the rare gems and minerals mined from rock and soil.

Infidelity is letting someone feast on the priceless conjugal soul (10). A perfidious spouse enriches another person’s house. The Father’s advice is wise and good. “Do not turn aside… keep to a path far from the adulterous, do not go near the door of that house.” (7)