BDBD is Proverbs 5:18-20

Human nature tends to sway to unexciting familiarity concerning someone in our life and too unkind thoughts concerning their actions and character, especially to our spouse. The human mindset plays the same old song triggering unpleasant emotions concerning the one we deeply loved at one time in the past. Our nature, character, and idiosyncrasies also change over time for us and our spouse.

A healthy and blessed marital relationship must include a continual mature adult execution. We need to find ways to rejoice in the wife or husband of our youth (18). How? One way is to see them with new kind eyes every day. A man can see his wife as a loving doe, a graceful deer to gently care for always being satisfied by her breast (19). A woman can see her husband as a steed available and ready for riding.

A husband should look for the way his wife loves him. When he finds and touches her hidden eggs of love the husband will naturally be captivated by her. This is a natural male trait.

A wife should look for the ways her husband respects her. When she finds and intakes his hidden seeds of respect the wife will naturally be captivated by him.

A woman’s main relationship language is love and a man’s main relationship language is respect for that is what each craves more than the other. Men want and give respect more than love. Women want and give love more than respect.

Therefore, a way to find how to rejoice in the spouse of our youth is to look for signs in their relational language. Why be captivated by an adulteress? Why embrace the boom of another person’s spouse? (20) When right in front of you, laying right next to you is a person you deeply loved and respected in the past. It can be easy to be captivated again if we just look for and express love and respect.