BDBD is Proverbs 5:15-18

Marriage based on God and his character principles will enjoyingly last long. God is love. Therefore, a marriage based on his nature of love is well established. God’s love is displayed in Jesus who willingly laid down his life for others while we were still sinners. Love is an emotion executed.

Drinking water from one’s own cistern is expressing and enjoying romantic love with one’s spouse (15). When a wife displays respect for her husband and a husband displays love for his wife it is filling their cup.

Deliberate attention to detail is blessing their fountain (18). The years go by and the symbols of youth slowly change into hieroglyphs. Yet, a man can act to bless his wife’s gifts and a woman can bless her husband’s presence. Why should the streams drain a lake (16)? Shouldn’t the streams fill the lake? Purify the lake as you swim together with the spouse of your youth.