BDBD is Proverbs 4:24-27

Life goals and life plans are good. Setting milestones that are needed to reach those life goals are needed too; considering that just because I have goals and plans doesn’t guarantee everything will go as I plan. I spent much of my life making plans that never happened or turned out not as I had hoped. Yet, life goals and plans are needed if I want to do well in this world. “Let my eye look straight ahead, fix my gaze directly before me (25).”

Several types of plans need to be set concerning each aspect of human living involving mental, emotional, social, physical, financial, and especially spiritual well-being. Each requires effort and will to overcome obstacles that will need to be dealt with. I will need to “make level paths for my feet and take only ways that are firm in order to arrive at each milestone (26).”

A steadfast will with a humble recognition of God’s sovereignty and love must always be on my mind and heart. I should not swerve to the right or the left from this good path (27). I need to keep my foot from the evil aspects of pride and hubris. Otherwise, I will become an obstacle that cannot be overcome.