BDBD is Proverbs 4:20-23

The heart is the wellspring of life (23). A wellspring is an original and bountiful source of something. The original meaning is the source of a spring, stream, or river. The picture given here is that my human heart is the source of my life. The physical heart pumps blood throughout the body supplying needed oxygen and nutrition as well as delivering white blood cells that fight against infections.

The psychological heart is also called the soul. The soul consists of my thoughts, emotions, and will. The psychological heart is related to a human’s cognitive nature. My soul is concerned with my acts or processes of knowing, perceiving, feeling, and desire.

My Father instructs me to keep his words within my heart (20,21). The word of God is life to my body and my soul. Jesus promised, “If anyone keeps my word, they will never see death.” (John 8:51) He also promised that whoever hears his word and believes in him who sent him, they have eternal life and will not be condemned; they have crossed over from death to life. (John 5:24) Jesus is the word of life (Philippians. 2:16; 1 John 1:1) His words are the wellspring of life.

The words of Jesus are life to those who find them and health to a person’s whole body (22). Therefore, each day I digest Bible Daily Bread Devotional (BDBD).