BDBD is Proverbs 3:19-24

Many have problems sleeping at night. Some may have a physical problem; health, environment, or perhaps their bed is uncomfortable. Others may have problems sleeping because their soul is in torment. Some lament the past and live in regret while others have vague or real fears. Others are heart broke or mentally unstable. Others worry about the future; money, health, or relationships. They toss and turn all night.

The Lord God promises a way to be in safety. He gives guidance to the secret way where I can lie down and not be afraid; a way where sleep is sweet, comes quickly and refreshes in the morning (24).

A key life practice to refreshing sleep is sound judgment and discernment. Almost every moment of the day I make judgments. Should I say this or that? Should I do this or that? Should I walk away? Should I stay?

Every moment of the day I need to discern. Some concern major life events. Others are everyday decisions. Habits do not have to be bad. Forming good habits is good discernment. Getting out of bad habits is leaving wagon wheel ruts to blaze new trails. When God created the earth he made everything run in set paths that are good (19,20). I have been given this gift to set good life paths by faith in God. When I repeatedly do so I will find the secret to sweet restful sleep. It’s never too late to create my own world of wise habits.