BDBD is Proverbs 2:16-19

Enacting on wisdom has some more benefits. Yesterday’s verses shared some. Another one listed in these verses is that wisdom will save from giving into the adulteress and wayward wife with her seductive words (16).

Marriage is a covenant made before God (17). Marriage is making a life-long commitment to another soul. A covenant is a relationship between two partners who make binding promises to each other and work together to reach a common goal. They are often, but not always accompanied by oaths, signs, traditions, and ceremonies. Covenants define obligations and commitments, but they are different from a contract because they are relational and personal.

Breaking a marriage covenant is called adultery. Adultery is a very serious sin in the Bible mentioned fifty-two times, which is more than most of the other sins listed in the Bible. Adultery is having sexual relations between a married (or betrothed) woman or man other than one’s spouse (Mark 10:11-12, Luke 16:18, 1 Corinthians 6:15-16) Jesus also taught that when a person looks lustfully at another other than their spouse this too he said is committing adultery in the heart. (Matthew 5:28)

Wisdom will save me from the death trap of adultery and its paths to the spirits of the dead.