BDBD is Proverb 18:15

The original Hebrew word for heart and mind in this proverb is “leb”. This is equivalent to the human soul. The original Hebrew word for discerning, intellect, and prudent is “bin”. This is the character of soul that grows in knowledge. The implication in the first half of the proverb is that a person who is discerning has the characteristic of acquiring knowledge their whole life.

The second half of the proverb is the means that makes it possible for them to acquire knowledge; mainly they listen to others. This makes a person wise.

The thought of acquiring knowledge to many is going to a school, college, or university. However, there are other means to acquiring knowledge; read books, listen to people that know truth, and watch educational videos. Then there is the tried-and-true principle of trial and error. That is the main way I learned how to prepare meals, my tongue told my palate to not do that again or eat some more. It is also the means I use to learn web site coding and design for

The main point of the proverb it to continue to educate myself. Some learned items will be worthless such as Solomon’s experiment as recorded in Ecclesiastes and others will be life changing such as the apostles’ common life training with Jesus.