BDBD is Proverb 15:7

A society rises or falls based on who is teaching and what is being taught. When wisdom is taught a society rises. When foolishness is taught society falls. “The lips of the wise spread knowledge, not so the hearts of fools.” What is wisdom has always been a matter of opinion in human societies. What a person and a society believes does not change the fact that God is the keeper and dispenser of wisdom. The Lord speaks the truth (Isaiah 45:18-19). Jesus often said, “I tell you the truth…”

I can spread knowledge when I learn from Jesus and am filled with his Spirit. Then my lips will be the lips of a wise man. I want to spread the truth that Jesus taught. Lord, I want a seraph to fly to me with your live coal taken with tongs from the altar and touch my mouth saying as was said to Isaiah, “See, this has touched your lips; your guilt is taken away and your sin atoned for.” (Isaiah 6:6-7) Then I want you to enable me to spread your knowledge to society.

Lord place your truth in BDBD and through me.