BDBD is Proverb 14:2

A pattern exists for the response to the Lord God. Some fear him and others despise him. My response is an indicator of my heart’s status. If I fear him then my walk is upright, meaning my heart is such that it compels me to do righteous things. Others plainly can see that I am a good person who is inclined to do good things.

If I despise the Lord then my ways are devious, meaning my heart is such that it compels me to do devious things. Something devious is a terrible act hidden behind something that appears to be good. A devious act is hidden because everyone else despises it and is revolted by it. So those who despise the Lord live a life of deception and lies. They know that if people really knew their heart then they would hate them.

Fearing the Lord seems to be a much easier and lighter way to live than despising him. The person who despises the Lord has to work much harder to stay in society and have others still associate with them. This explains why so many are inclined to isolate themselves from society.

In C.S. Lewis’ short story (I forget the name this morning) someone is shown the difference between two societies. One is in the cracks of the street bricks of another. The one that exists in the cracks consists of people that are slowly scattering because they don’t want to be near other people. Fearing the Lord brings people together. Despising the Lord separates.