BDBD is Proverb 13:18

Discipline is again addressed in the book of Proverbs. Ignoring and refusing discipline invites poverty and shame. Is the discipline from God or from human authority? Certainly, these predictions are true when the discipline and corrections are from God. The correction of God can be trusted to bring the outcome stated here, whether shame or honor.

However, correction and discipline from humans may or may not bring these outcomes. If the person who has authority over me has ill intent or is not wise, then the opposite may be true. The Lord sent a prophet from Judah to Israel to deliver a message to the king of Israel. He was to return to Judah directly after delivering the Lord’s message. While returning the prophet was met by an older prophet who convince him to go to his house and eat instead of returning directly to Judah. The younger prophet obeyed the older and died. (1 Kings 13) Surely the correction of the older should not have been obeyed. I need to follow the Holy Spirit’s leading for sure but weigh discretely the discipline and correction from others.