BDBD is Proverb 12:4

The union between a man and a woman as husband and wife by means of the Spirit of God is sacred and wonderful. Conjugal symbiosis is in all aspects of human life; soul, body, spirit, social, and economic. The interaction is dependent on unconditional mutual surrender. What one does affects the other; whether it be for good or for harm.

The wife of noble character is her husband’s crown. Her noble character is further defined in 31:10-31. Ruth had a noble character, known as such by all (Ruth 3:11). A noble wife is virtuous, capable, and strong. She is respectful, loving, truthful, trusting, humble, kind, compassionate, resourceful, and seeks the kingdom of God with all her being. A man would sell all he owns to buy the field where her character resides. She brings her husband honor and joy (4:8-9).

A disgraceful wife is like decay in his bones. He grows weak and fragile. She shames and rots her husband’s bones. Jezebel did not have a noble character (1 Kings 18:4, 19; 19:1-2, 21:7,14-15; 21:25; 2 Kings 9:10, 37)

The church is the bride of Christ. Am I more like Ruth or Jezebel to my master Jesus? Am I of noble character or dishonorable? Am I Christ’s crown or the spear in his side?