BDBD is Proverb 12:27

The philosophy that everyone shares everything counters basic human nature concerning being diligent and lazy. Some people tend to be lazy while others tend to be diligent. Forcing the diligent to give the rewards of their efforts to the lazy turns the diligent into demoralized sluggards and the lazy into bitter complainers.

People that are lazy become hungry enough to hunt for food. Yet, being lazy when they do obtain the food they do not prepare it. Lazy people will not roast their game.

People with a diligent disposition prize their possessions. They take care of that which they worked hard for. They keep it up and clean. Their property does not have trash in it, the grass is always mowed, and bush and flower gardens are well kept.

Yet, whether a person is well-to-do or lacks in comparison to his neighbor they both need something this world cannot satisfy. The all-encompassing human need is only satisfied with a personal relationship with God through Jesus. Some are diligent and others are lazy when it comes to possessing a loving and fearful relationship with God. Some people tend to be lazy while others tend to be diligent in obtaining, preparing, and eating spiritual food (BDBD). Some cherish taking time to be with God every morning while others cherish a little more slumber.