BDBD is Proverb 12:24

Ever since Adam and Eve sinned any occupation has had thorns and thistles. That is to say, there are setbacks, unforeseen mishaps, and many other circumstances that cause me to want to give up. Even diligent hands become sore, cut, and form calluses.

Self-motivation such as will, persistence, and hope is needed to keep working for meeting the needs of the day. Those who keep striving to pay the bills and put food on the table can eventually rule for as Solomon wrote, “diligent hands will rule…”

Laziness is similar to giving up. A part of Adam’s thorn curse is that every hour slack is equal to seven hours of work. I experience the law of slack every time I take a vacation. When I come back from a vacation work has piled up so high that more time is needed to catch up than was taken off. “Laziness ends up in forced labor”, so wrote Solomon.

Yet, I will still take a vacation though the return has filled the field with thistles and forced labor.