BDBD is Proverb 12:13

“Sinful talk” as defined elsewhere in the Bible is slander, gossip, lies, false testimony, and vulgar language, “Sinful talk” does not involve love, compassion, and grace. The more a person lies, the harder they have to work to keep up the lie. Eventually, so many lies are created to cover other lies that a house of lies is built. Rooms are added to hide the truth that exposes a former lie till one become lost and trapped in the house of lies that they have built. Much work is needed to keep each room in the house of lies in proper appearance. A person will become a slave in their house of lies. Solomon was right. “An evil man is trapped by his sinful talk.”

A righteous man escapes trouble. Speaking the truth is often very hard especially when it exposes our weaknesses or fears. Sometimes confessing the truth means we might have to give up something we cherish. The truth is sometimes said in ways that turn it into malicious talk. Not all truth is said in love. The truth always contains the love of God though it may be hard to live with. Speaking the truth does not guarantee that we will escape temporary trouble for Jesus always spoke the truth and yet was crucified by those who spoke lies. Yet speaking the truth will eventually enable the righteous to escape trouble, even if it is only the fact that they are free from having to keep up a room in the house of lies. For though Jesus was crucified though he spoke the truth, on the third day he rose from the dead and on the fortieth ascended into paradise.