BDBD is Proverb 12:10

Care, compassion, and knowing the life of animals are part of the heart of the righteous. When God created man one of the activities God and man shared was a parade of all the animals that the Lord had created. On that day man named the animals for the Lord had given mankind the responsibility and privilege of being Lord over all the earth and the animals in it.

Animals are employed in our service. Thus, I will not destroy an animal by making its labor more than it can handle. Nor will I deny an animal food, water, and rest. I will bring it happiness as time permits.

Wild animals that roam the earth freely are under my care. I will provide them litter-free land and water for this is under the tent of care for the need of my animals. Some animals have been domesticated and are raised for service and food. These will have a good existence even if they eat bugs and small ugly things in the sea.

Cruelty towards animals exists more now than in generations in the past. The kindest acts of the wicked are cruel -puppy farms, polluted streams, oceans, and land. Beating, denying food, and water. Neglect and isolation. Pretending or intending to show mercy and yet not follow through does not escape the Lord’s justice for he commissions us with a command to love thy neighbor, including animals.