An old saying goes something like this, “There are only two things sure in life; taxes and death.” Just as a person cannot buy their way into heaven with money or good deeds, so a person cannot pay enough to stop physical death.

Death is not the end of existence. Righteousness delivers from death. Since all are sinners the righteousness that delivers from death has to come from someone other than the sinful self. The righteousness from Christ delivers from death.

Jesus is without sin for his Father was God. He lived a perfect life. Yet he died, not that death had power over him. Rather he let death come. His reasoning was love for me. He died so I can live. He bargained with death. He died so I would rise from the dead.

A day is coming when all will have to give an account for the deed done while in the flesh. After physical death, we all will have to give an account for our sins. Those who had active faith in Jesus’ forgiveness will not be found with sin. So they will live forever. I will live because Jesus died. Wealth is worthless in the day of wrath.