BDBD is Proverbs 11:1

Scales were used for many a millennium in almost all societies during commerce; the buying and selling of goods. Silver and gold would be placed on one tray and various stone weights were used on the other. The device was meant to make each exchange the same and fair. For as long as they have been in use people have swindled each other.

Modern-day application of this verse would deal with honesty in financial matters. Do I pay the full bill when I eat at a restaurant? Do I shoplift? Do I eat food in a grocery store? Do I properly advertise what I am selling? Do I bait and switch? Do I perform at work as was agreed upon when hired? Do I pay and reimburse my employees as agreed upon when hired?

Many believe that swindling another is clever and wise. However, the LORD abhors dishonest business. The Hebrew word for abhors is “to ebah” and can also be translated as “abomination” and “finds disgusting”. Part of the reason he detests dishonest trade is that this wickedness is acting under the color of justice.

The proverb is not saying everyone should make the same pay, nor that neither party should profit. Nor is this saying that if a person has a lot of money and possessions, then they are evil. All this is saying is that we should conduct commerce accurately for this is the Lord’s delight.