BDBD is Proverb 10:28

Have hope for joy is in your future. A better day is ahead, a day of joy. The prospect of the righteous is joy. Though today might be mixed with doubts, fears, and disappointments, these will turn into joy. The hope of the righteous is gladness. Though I wake up in darkness, the sun will rise. The hope of righteous people leads to joy.

Peter denied Jesus three times after saying confidently that even if all fell away he would not. Then Jesus looked at Peter and Peter wept. A short time later his Master walked with him on the beach giving him a promise and joy.

Abraham waited 24 years for a son. Nothing happened. So he said his servant will end up owning all he has. Then his Master came to his tent with two angels giving him a promise and joy. One year later Abraham held his son in his arms.

The hopes and expectations of the wicked come to nothing. and so end in sorrow. Judas followed Jesus expecting wealth, power, and prestige. When he didn’t receive these Judas betrayed Jesus and ended up swinging from a loop on a rope. Hope not rooted in truth shall perish.