BDBD is Proverb 19:20

God did not intend for his children to isolate themselves. Part of his creation design is to mimic the relationship between God the Father, Son, and Spirit. He established a loving and respectful relationship between husband and wife. He commanded them to create a family. Groups of families establish a community under God’s authority that is meant to glorify God and enjoy him forever.

Life events can lead a person to seek solitude that is detrimental. This proverb is not about the ills and benefits of a monistic vocation. Rather, it is about how the husband and wife, parents and children, and members of a community are to listen to each other’s advice and accept instruction in loving and respectful relationships. This mimics the holy relationship between the triune God. This is the point of this proverb.

How does a husband and wife establish direction and resolve problems? How are the youth of a community to learn about maturing and becoming an adult? How are members of a community to properly function together? Open dialogue that truly listens to each other builds relationships, matrimony, families, and communities. If I seek wisdom and its benefits I will listen to the advice of mature Christians and accept instruction from the pure in heart.