BDBD is Proverb 16:33

Casting a lot in the lap was a way for the people in Solomon’s day to determine their god(s) will. They did not wear pants. They wore long robes called a mantle from the neck to the ankles. They would take small stones or pebbles and cast them in the mantle’s lap to determine their destiny and/or portion. Before that, they would ask a question believing that their god(s) would influence the stone(s) to land a certain way showing them a decision. The Crazy 8 from the 1970s had a similar purpose, though gods were not part of it.

This proverb counters this folly religious practice with the truth, “Every decision is from the LORD.” The second half of the proverb is two Hebrew words, “mishpat YHWH”. “Mishpat” means judgment, cause, ordinance, measure, and law. God, not chance or destiny is in control. Similar truths are stated in verses 1, 3, 4, 9, 19:21, and 21:31.

Similarly, at one time, I would look for ways to determine God’s will in my life, something to help me make a decision. I would look at what was happening to determine God’s will for me. Whether a big or little life decision was to be made I would turn over in my mind different scenarios, I would search my soul for fear of making a foolish decision.

Now I have faith in God in all decisions. I still think about what is the best course, but not fret about it. I make a decision and say to God, “I want your will because I know it is the best. This is what I decided. If it is foolish or not guide me to the best outcome for your glory.” I take full responsibility all the while trusting God.