BDBD is Proverb 15:19

A sluggard lifestyle and its trappings are well defined in Proverbs (6:6, 9; 10:16; 13:4; 15:19; 19:24; 20:4; 22:13; 24:13; 26:13-16). A way of life has the same meaning as the path of life that someone chooses. A sluggard is a lazy person whose lifestyle blocks them like thorns block a pathway. No one would walk down a path that has many sharp long stiff thorns. Such a path would cause a person to stand idle not moving ahead, nor to the side, or even to backtrack. I would just stand or sit and not go anywhere.

My grandfather’s dairy farm had thorn trees. I can tell you that they do indeed bring sharp pain and blood. The cows would never walk into one. I would not climb one; at least not a second time. What keeps a sluggard from cutting down thorn trees? Why not change lifestyles? Why not leave the old and walk the path of the righteous that is a highway? What causes a person to have will?

The solution is to not cut down the tree from the trunk. The solution is to cut off one thorn-covered branch at a time. Start at easy-to-reach goals and execute them. Build up one small habit at a time. The road to your destination is covered with many individual foot imprints, not one giant leap. Small successes are the individual foot imprints that reach your destination.