BDBD is Proverb 15:12

One of the attributes of a mocker is destructive self-pride. Such a person will not consult the luminous truth of the wise. They resent correction. Even when disaster sweeps over them like a dark whirlwind, they will not accept the advice of the wise and spurn their rebuke (1:28-30, 10:8, 13:1). Even if God were to consult them to the way of peace and serenity a fool would subject himself to a hundred lashes than accept it (17:10).

Though I may believe that I am not a mocker with destructive self-pride the truth of the matter is that the seed is in me. More so the fact is that until I surrender myself to the love and fear of the Lord the seed is a full-grown plant with all kinds of poisonous fruit. I am grateful that though I was a rebellious mocker the Lord kept pursuing me till I entered his glorious light. By God’s grace, I cut down the tree of self-pride to let his light shine on me. I was humbled by the power and love of God.

However, new sprouts of self-pride shoot up from the roots. So the Lord God corrects me. I seek the consult of the wise before me by reading their writings first and foremost in the Bible. Then also other men and women of God since them. I have learned that it is wise to remain humble before the wisdom of God.