BDBD is Proverb 14:23

Why does work have to be hard? Work doesn’t need to be hard. However, if I want to bring a profit I need to work hard. This proverb is amazing in that it says that ALL hard work brings a profit. This includes ministry too.

I have worked very hard and very long on and I can say that I have made no monetary profit. Truthfully it cost me. In the entire thirty years, only a few made an offering, nowhere near covering the monetary expenses. I guess having the word free in the name contributes to the lack of offerings. I am writing this with some humor and some pain because for two months now I have been trying to fix the desktop computer with no success. I really do not want to spend the little money I have to buy a new desktop.

So does the hard labor that I put into including BDBD podcast and this blog translate into profit? Is all my hard work merely talk? I never started this to make a profit. This all stemmed from a passion for the Word and a command given to me by a man of God. If I were in it for monetary profit I would have quit a long time ago. I hope that these mere words bring a profit to the kingdom of God and for me, maybe also in the kingdom of God.