BDBD is Philippians 3:14-21

What are my short-term and long-term goals? That question was in the mindset of many individuals and companies thirty, forty, and more years ago. I haven’t heard it lately. Long-term goals mold the agenda of short-term goals and short-term goals set the agenda of daily life.

A proper and wise long-term goal ensures what is beneficial and needed. Say I want to build a shed to store my carpentry tools and my lawn and garden equipment, plus have a little area to do some work in. I need this done by winter. From this goal, I set monthly and weekly goals. Then every day I work to meet my goals. When something goes not according to plan, I do not stop short of the daily goal, because I know that doing so will keep me from having the shed done by winter.

What, then, is my short-term and long-term life goal? Paul’s long-term goal was a heavenly one (14). Paul wanted to rise from the dead and be with Jesus forever in paradise (10). He reminded the Philippi congregation to live their daily lives in accordance with their heavenly long-term life goal. (15,16). The wise long-term life goal is being raised to life and be there was Jesus comes again (20,21).

Paul gave them practical life examples on how to live their short-term daily goals to achieve their long-term life goal (17). Jesus also gave us practical life examples and teachings on how to live too.

I am not following the life examples of people whose long-term goal is to please their stomach and bodily function god (18,19). Such people’s daily life is set towards earthly things (19).