BDBD is Philippians 3:1-14

Paul was a self-applied man. He was a go-getter, an overachiever, a self-made man. He put his mind and will to rise to the head of his class, first in his field. He worked hard for his salvation and position. He succeeded (4-6).

Then Jesus came to Paul and introduced him to God’s way. He learned and accepted that true acceptance and true living was through knowing Jesus and having faith in Jesus (7,8). He left his old way of thinking and living, considering them useless trash because they countered his desire for a relationship with Jesus (8,9).

I have a similar experience as Paul. I believed and lived my life in ways that countered having a relationship with God. Then Jesus came to me. I believe him and so slowly started to live a new way. I learned from Jesus. I prayed to Jesus. I accepted what Jesus had to say, though not always and not always understanding what he was saying or doing in me and my life. I began seeking out others who had a relationship with Jesus.

However, do I still hang onto garbage that I either should have thrown away? Or do I pick back up that which I had thrown away once or twice before? Am I fully holding onto Jesus and his way of the cross, dying like him (10)? I like Paul can say that “I do not consider myself yet to have taken hold of God’s way” (12,13). I have no regrets (13). I move forward one day at a time, one moment to the next (13).

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