BDBD is Philippians 2:25-30

Epaphroditus was the man that the Philippi congregation sent to help Paul in his incarceration (25). He was a messenger. He became ill probably because of the travel and almost died (26,27). He became better. Paul was sending him back to his home congregation and friends (28).

Every human that has ever lived has had to deal with illness in their lives. Sometimes the illness is an annoying cough and sinus infection that lasts for many days. Other times the illness is life-threatening. Sometimes we are ill. Other times a spouse, family member, and friend become ill.

Epaphroditus’ life-threatening illness was the result of his service in the Lord for this fellow Philippian believers and for Paul. We are prone to wonder why would God allow a person who is kind and loving, who is serving others, and who is dedicated to the service of God to become ill.

Though some may consider this a copout I seldom find the need to ask the “why” question anymore. I use to let the question “why” way me down and stress me. What I discovered is that my “why” questions were based on doubt of God’s love for me.

I considered the hardship that I was going through unjustifiable. So I asked God “why” in hope that the reason for the illness would make it endurable and I would be at peace. Now I just skip the “why” and accept that I don’t need to know “why” to find out that God loves me and cares for me. I accept that whatever transpires is for the good of me and those I love. Just accept and don’t let an unanswerable “why” add anger, shame, and guilt to my illness and suffering.