BDBD is Philippians 2:19-24

I self looks out for the well-being of myself, that is until Jesus came into my life (21). Humans are born with selfish traits. I think of young toddlers. They play with themself and their toys. Soon some learn and/or are taught to interact and play with others. An adult needs to show by interacting with the child that interacting and playing with others can be better than living in one’s own self-contained world. I don’t remember much of those years. Still, I’m sure I was no different than the rest of the human race.

Even though I now have a compelling need to be with and interact with others do I still look out for my needs? Or am I concerned for the needs of others?

I sit alone in an apartment getting ready for work and the day ahead. I don’t want to be alone. Yet, I had chances to make choices to be with others. I looked out for my financial needs and chose to move to a new job, starting over in a new place making new acquaintances and friends.

Therein lays a need to search my motives. When I reach out to others I need to have a genuine interest in others (20). Am I like a toddler who has just learned that interactions and playing with others are better than being alone? Or do I follow Jesus’ teaching of love for my neighbor?