BDBD is Philippians 1:27-30

Christians not only believe and confidently trust in Jesus, but we also suffer for him (29). Though this reality is seen in the lives of those who confess his name for the last two millenniums in every culture and country, some today don’t want to believe that we suffer for his name.

What does it mean to suffer for Jesus? Suffering for Jesus is doing so for his sake. So stubbing my toe on the corner post of my bed the other day is not suffering for Jesus. It is either because of the position I have as a son of God, or while doing service for him and others, or through someone who is wrongly treating me simply because they resent my faith in Jesus.

David suffered for years God while Saul tried to kill him. James and John suffered when the Pharisees threw them in jail because they were jealous. Paul suffered for Christ when he went to the temple to worship because the religious leaders were afraid of losing their positions of power and financial income. Suffering for Jesus comes from outside the congregation and inside it.

Suffering for Jesus’ sake will come. Whether they are or will, how I conduct myself is important (27). I need to stand firm with my fellow believers. I should not fear (28). Saying this is easy. Doing it is not. When I stand firm in my faith in Jesus, they will begin to see that I will be saved from death and they will not (28).