BDBD is Philippians 1:12-18

  Paul’s arrest and jail time that has lasted for several years did not stop his ministry in sharing the gospel as some has feared. Rather it actually served to advance the good news of Christ (12). The Philippian congregation was concerned that his work has diminished. God actually used this to advance it to places formerly hard to reach.
   Paul has happy because other believers were also sharing the good news more confidently. They were not afraid. They were more daring (14).
   Most believers in Jesus become afraid to share with others their relationship with Jesus. During conversations after years of witnessing the Lord still gives me opportunities and need to tell people of my hope and faith in Jesus. Accompanied with this is a vague fear of rejection, shame, and persecution.
   I have found that in Christ I can defeat this self progressed fear. What is there to fear since I have a Lord who has always been there for me? Vague fear should be no fear at all. Vague fear is perceived as eminent trouble based on faithless assumptions and protections. Trust God and present hope in Jesus and Jesus’ love (18).