BDBD is Ephesians 6:10-17

Some days I wake up ready for the Lord’s service. Other days I want to go back to bed. Today, I want to go back to bed probably because I was up later than normal. On days like this I need to remember that the Lord’s mighty power is always available (10).
All of God’s people have an enemy, the devil (11). He has an army (12). The battle is a spiritual one. The war rages on every moment, though the engagements vary in degree and magnitude. Therefore, I need to be prepared to engage in the spiritual battle (13). I prepare early in the morning getting up an hour before I need to.
The articles of spiritual warfare is truth (14), righteousness (14), sharing the gospel of truth (15), faith (16), salvation (17), and the word of God (17). I can and should put these on every day. Finally, I need go to sleep at a proper time so I am not so sleepy in the morning.