BDBD is Ephesians 6:1-9

   The principle of submission stated in 5:31 is the theme of these verses. Children submit to their parents by obeying and honoring them. God made a promise if we do. Children submitting does not mean all parents are always worthy of honor and obedience, nor does it mean long lived life comes from them. It means that rebellion complaining attitude shortens a person life.  God is the one who ultimately blesses and extends life in this world. This takes faith and hope in God.
  Fathers submit to their children by maintaining control and a clear head. Exasperated children have parents who are over bearing, controlling, and micromanage. A emotional stable parent is one who is rooted every day in the Spirit through prayer and meditation.  This takes faith in the Lord.
   Supervisor and supervised also submit. Doing so is possible when remembering that God is ultimately our Supervisor if we have faith.
   Submission is not natural in the fallen world. Our fallen nature tends to succumb to selfish faithless life styles. Walking in the Spirit is the key to living and applying the principle of submission.