BDBD is Ephesians 5:15-20

“Be careful how you live” (15) and “making the most out of every opportunity” (16) is similar to “living in the moment” with the understanding that a Christian’s heart “understands what the Lord’s will is” (17). I can worship God by celebrating what he is lovingly doing in my life every moment. I know that all things work out for the good of those who believe. I know that his will is best. I will look to see the good he is going to do at the moment to come.

Some struggle with making decisions and living in the Spirit (18). We are afraid that we will make a poor choice that will lead to bad things happening in life. So we get stuck in a rut of mind fear. Some will even lay in bed all day rather than seek to fulfill God’s wonderful destinies in living. The fear of decision-making is egotistic and lacks faith in Jesus’ love for us. No matter how unsure I am of myself I am to make my plans known to God and ask his will be done not mine. Then seek to ensure the plan will happen fully trusting in God’s control.

Others of us sadly escape to the wine bottle and pill bottle (18). Rather than knowing God can turn anything around (which is his will), we escape into numb existence. Numb existence robs me of singing and making emotional and moving music in my heart to the Lord. Some of them aren’t joyful, but they are emotional movements that tend to be the sweetest when he touches me (19).