BDBD is Ephesians 5:1-14

To walk in the way of love (1,2) and live as children of the light (8,9) are similar. The chapter before spoke of changing my heart, mind, and will. These verses are what my heart, mind, and will are to be set on and not set on. These verses deal with practically loving sacrificially as Jesus did on the cross and the fruit of living in light.
   Christianity is not a set of do’s and don’ts. However, there are things that are good to do and things that are not good to do. These things have to do with morality and ethics.
   For example, as a toddler my parents told me not to touch the hot stove. Most of the time they did not tell me the dier consequences if I did. Their word wasn’t a rule as much as a compassionate warning and sound advice.
  The black coils turning glowing red was fascinating and mystical. I was compelled to investigate beyond vision. When I sheepishly moved my hand closer to they mystical device the heat increased. “No!” was the alarm from my mother. She saved me from self inflicted pain.
   Exposing fruitless deeds of darkness (11,13) is not instructions to meddle in other people’s lives as some moral police such as the Pharisees were. Rather, it has to do with examining my words and actions throughout each day. It is getting to the reason and motivation of why I do and say. Rather, I am the one to wake up and rise from the dead (14).