BDBD is Ephesians 4:7-16

  Jesus rose from the dead amd ascended into the highest heavens (9,10). He brought with him all those who had died while believing in him and loving him (8). Jesus also gave gifts to those still on the earth who also believe him and love (11).
   Jesus gave many types of gifts because there are many positions to fill (11). Jesus through the Spirit enables each of his believers as is required for each needed place. This doesn’t mean that at times the position will be easy and without problems. It just means he insures that his people are able to do that which they need to do.
  Jesus made Paul an apostle. Jesus make Luke a physician.  He made Mark an assistant.
  Jesus has some things for me to do too. I don’t have to be concerned that his will for me won’t be accomplished nor that I will fall short. By faith I know that God has and will enable me to accomplish his specific will for me. I have a place in Jesus’ home.