BDBD is Ephesians 4:1-6

  God’s love is greater than I can comprehend. His love maintains, connects, and supports all creation and all people. I can stay connected to him and his love. This was yesterday’s devotional theme.
  Today’s verses concern my love towards others. Verse 2 contains the 3 “be”s. Be patient, Be humble, Be gentle. These are how Jesus’ followers engage with everyone, especially other believers.
   Professionally I have been in the bearing business for much of my career. So the phrase, “bearing with one another in love” (2) stood out. Bearings support a moving load. Many types of bearings exist. Each type have special features that best handle specific types of moving loads.
   One bearing type is totally anchored so that it does not move with the supported moving load. A Slip-n-Slide is an example, though technically that fun summer toy is not a bearing.
  Another bearing type moves with the supported moving load. A door hinge is a good example. That type of bearing is called a sleeve bearing.
   Another type of bearing is called a roller bearing. A roller bearing has a part that rolls between the load and at least one ring. A ball bearing in a roller skate is a good example.
  All of these bearing types not only support a moving load, they do it much more efficiently and smoothly that if they were not present. Added to this, they extend the life of the moving load, keeping it from wearing down. They do this at their own expense. The moving load will exist eternally because the bearing sacrifices itself as the load moves.
   Jesus took my moving load with him on the cross so that I may live a much more effective and smooth life. He extended my life to eternity. Like Jesus, I am to be a “bearing with one another in love”.
  There is one body connected to Jesus (4). I am to be a bearing joint in Jesus’ body; like a hip, an elbow, a neck, and a knee. I am to make every effort to keep the unity of the body with the power of the Spirit and peace (3). I am to “Be patient, Be humble, Be gentle.”