BDBD is Ephesians 3:14-20

  Paul prayed that the Ephesian believers may come to know God’s love (14,15) He prayed this even though God’s love can never be fully known (19). Perhaps the fact that God’s love can never be fully known is because it is so vast (18), explains the reason why love is so hard to define and comprehend. The old saying is true, “Love is a many splendor thing.”
   How do I define my relationship with God? Can and do I define it as love? Does his power through the Spirit make me strong in his love? Do I passionately seek to know his love? Is my roots and foundation in Jesus’ love (17)?
   Knowing God’s love is to be completely filled with the very nature of God (19). And God’s love feels so good.. This is why I make time for one-on-one personal encounters with God, to experience his good and pleasing love.
   Be concerned not that at times I am not at rest with his love. For God is at work in me (20). Out of his glorious riches he strengthens me with power through his Spirit (16). He sustains me.