BDBD is Ephesians 3:1-12

The NIV in verse 10 states, “the manifild wisdom of God.” The GNT states, “God’s wisdom in all its different forms.”  God wisdom has many facets that constantly pour out different flavors like the modern day soda dispensers in movie theaters. God’s intent for the church is to reveal, display, and make known the many aspects of his wisdom (10).
  God is rich in many ways. God who owns everything has riches that are not tangible (9). Jesus riches is mainly in the Spirit and dispelled by the Spirit. His riches is boundless grace.  He is rich in mercy and compassion. He is the prince of peace and serenity. He is rich in love. His wealth is displayed and dispenses from the cross.
   Christ Jesus’ riches were a mystery in ages past, but revealed now through the church (2, 5, 9). This mystery is that through the gospel his people are heirs and sharers together in the promise in Christ Jesus that we have, are, and always will receive his riches (6).
   Right now I can receive his riches of peace, passion, power, serenity,  and healing. This is a promise of God. Right now I can allow the Spirit to reveal and dispence his love to others through me.  This is “the manifild wisdom of God.”