BDBD is Ephesians 1:11-14

   God has predestined every one who has been, is now, and will ever be chosen in Christ (11). This truth usually brings up objections and confusion. No wonder. For God’s wisdom and knowledge is far beyond the collective wisdom and knowledge of all who has been, is, and will ever be. “Who can fantom the mind of God?” so said the psalmist
  Can a gear in a watch comprehend the watchmaker? Can the ant carrying a leaf comprehend the maker of the hive in the root of the tree? Yet, just because I can not fully comprehend the Creator God, which is Christ, I can understand some of the mind of the Lord God.
   I am told why God chose me, “for the praise of his glory.” (12) The Holy Spirit, who is my seal of predestined presence in Christ (13) excites and enables me to praise him in mind, heart, words, and action (14).
   Even when I have a bad moment, day, week or year the Holy Spirit has the power and will to enable me to praise him. I have found that when I am feeling lower than dirt, if I praise God in spirit and truth the Spirit flows into me like warm coffee on a chilly foggy fall morning, warmth entering my mouth, going down my throat, and into my belly, and lighting a fire in my chest.