BDBD is Ephesians 1:1-10

   Paul is in a Roman prison as is recorded at the end of Acts. He first wrote to the congregation in Colossai. Then he wrote this letter to the congregation in Ephesus.
   God predestined his people, of which I am one, as laid out in these 10 verses. In Jesus I have every spiritual blessing in Christ (3). I am forever holy (4), adaption as a son of God (5), redemption from sin, the law, and hell (7), forgiveness of sins (8), and knowledge of the mysteries of his will (9).
   I will experience the complete unity of all things in heaven and on earth under Christ (10). Heaven is living and experiencing God’s calming and empowering peace and God’s satisfying and fulfilling love.
  The Spirit of Christ enables me to experience the unity in part in this world when I worship in spirit and truth. In fact, I experience all these now if I so chose to. It is up to me. God is willing and able.