BDBD is Eccl. 9:17-18

Emotions can lead us to wonderful moments. Emotions can also lead to dreadful moments. Emotional words can bring light or darkness; life and death; words of healing and words of destruction.

During emotionally charged arguments quiet words are spoken by the wise and shouts are spoken by fools (17). The capability to control emotions (and thus words) is a muscle that is in all humans. Every aspect of the physical body needs activity and drills to mature; muscles, mind, emotions, etc. An emotionally mature person has learned to control their emotions through determined repetition of control. Control of my emotions leads to controlling the words I speak.

Likewise, controlling the words I speak leads to controlling a heated moment. Wise words are better than weapons of war for they do not kill, they heal (18). Yet one dark word destroys much good (18).

I can learn to control my emotions before it turns my tongue into a weapon to harm me and those I am speaking to. I first need to sense a powerful emotion rising in my heart. Then I need to exercise restraint; stop, think about it, breathe, harness the emotion, and force my self-preservation to head to selfless wise words.

Some people practice so they can be sarcastic. They learn control of emotions, yet speak unhealthy words. I can practice so I can be kind. I can learn to control of emotions so as to speak healthy words.