BDBD is Eccl. 8:9-10

Reading Ecclesiastes and one can become cynical and bitter for it points out some social truths that occur generation after generation. Some have the authority to hurt others (9). Wicked people get an honorable burial (10). They went to church and remained wicked (10). These wicked people received praise in the city where they did all this (10). Perpetual social injustice is meaningless (10).

I have seen all these things and more. Those who are hurt rise to power and do the hurting. The oppress rise in power and oppress others. The bullied become the bullies. The human heart celebrates anything sooner or later. What is praised today becomes the subject of revulsion tomorrow. The meaningless of human life under the sun.

Yet the author has a point in reminding me of the cynical and bitter truth. A lifestyle, a way of living exists that makes life to the full possible. Yesterday I experienced at the end of the day subdued anger when walking in the hot summer evening followed by quiet rest floating in a cool pool all by myself.

Seek the Lord,

praise him in song.

Melt in tears,

of release and low.

And He will be thy content.