BDBD is Eccl. 8:11

The heart of all people is the same from generation to generation. The people who have decided that either God does not exist or if there is some kind of God he/she does not care for humanity and/or themselves, their sense of morality is self-defined. Personally defined codes of ethics shift, swirl, and fade away like clouds in the sky.

When it is discovered that crimes go unpunished we humans begin to seek a way to get what is wanted even though it may be illegal in our society (11). The heart of mankind can easily become filled with schemes to do wrong.

The basic principle applies to any social group including congregations and families. When a toddler discovers they got away with eating a cookie and some candy they will go back for more until they are caught. A tweenager will sneak out a window late at night once and then many times that follow if they get away with it the first time. When a man or woman cheats on their commitment to their spouse once they soon find themselves in another’s bed many times after that until it is discovered.

The compulsion to do that which is unwise, unhealthy, socially harmful and evil is strong. Even when we want to do right, doing so can be hard to resist doing wrong. A remedy exists. Allie with God and his strength will enable us to do what is good and right for ourselves and others.