BDBD is Eccl. 8:1-8

Solomon begins to conclude his thoughts. Chapter 8 starts out once again addressing the subject of wisdom; this time its good value. Wisdom is stated as the cause of a change in a person’s countenance from sadness to a smile (1). Learn something new and understand something that puzzles and usually the immediate reaction is relief and a sense of accomplishment. However, wisdom is more than knowing facts; wisdom is understanding the cause and reaction to events as well as why something is the way it is. When a parent understands that their children’s nature is to use gas (guilt, attitude, silence) to manipulate them then they are happy for they have gained a tool.

Verse 2-5 gives the wisdom to obey the king because his word is final and unchallenged. The New Testament expands this to obey the law so that we will not always be looking over our shoulders.

Verses 6-8 expand on obeying an authority that can make life miserable to knowing procedures and timing and God who is the ultimate authority. Obeying human authority that is evil and corrupt in very difficult. When to speak up and when to shut up takes wisdom. The interaction between children and parents expounds upon this. A society that has broken families eventually fails.