BDBD is Eccl. 7:26-29

The modern terms toxic relationship and codependence are similar to verse 26. Codependence in sociology is a theory that attempts to explain imbalanced relationships where one person enables another person’s self-destructive tendencies and/or undermines the other person’s relationship. Solomon called such a person, “a snare whose heart is a trap and whose hands are chains. (26)”

I recently learned of two young women who were lifelong friends. They came into relationships with two men and married. The one young woman used the weakness of her friend to lead her into an addiction to drugs and alcohol. Both of them were then subdued by a drug dealer who selfishly manipulates them. Looking into the drained sad eyes of these ladies I realized that the young woman who lead her lifelong friend into a destructive path ended up trapping herself.

Considering the two young ladies’ husbands who know of their wives’ activities, the drug dealer who manipulates the four, the proud mother of the drug dealer who reveals their life, and the city leaders and area wealthy (who I learned from a former law informant) profit from the drug sales; I have searched and sadly face the truth of verses 27 and 28, “one upright man in a thousand, not one upright woman among them.”

The saddest realization is, “God made mankind upright, but men have gone in search of many schemes (29).” I met these five young people and an elderly mother who has such an amazing chance at being alive, living life to the full, and being a good influence waste away in their self-destructive schemes. They were made upright and chose to destroy themself and those they know. They can be made upright again through faith in Jesus.

What can I do to help these six people come to salvation of life, body, soul, and spirit through Jesus? Lord Jesus rescue these people I have personally met. Here are my five loaves and two fish. Feed them.