BDBD is Eccl. 7:19-22

“There is not a righteous man on earth who does what is right and never sins.” (20) A fundamental truth that is repeated elsewhere in the Bible. Responses to this vary depending on the mood and situation we are in.

First, we completely deny the truth that we are not righteous. We believe we never do wrong or that there is no such thing as moral and ethical right and wrong.

Second, we justify ourselves by believing that our circumstances allow for a variance from moral and ethical perfection.

Third, we accept an error only briefly. Then brush it off and forget about it (or at least try).

Fourth, we acknowledge we did not do what is right, then compare ourselves to someone else or a fictional person saying, “At least I am not as bad as that person.”

Fifth, we know we are sinful and accept having little control over ourselves. Then we respond by dropping all inhibition and control. We purposefully and deceptively are evil.

Sixth, we accept, acknowledge, and confess to God and another that we have sinned and are not rightious. We are heartfully sorrowful for our actions and desire to sin no more. We ask God for forgiveness and the strength and courage to live a life that is right with Him and others.

The last one is freedom from the drudge of sin. The last is the beginning of living life to the full. The last is only possible because of Jesus the Christ.