BDBD is Eccl. 6:8-9

The way we interact with others is important. Every society, social group, and personal socializing has rules of conduct. The boundaries are sometimes good and other times evil. These boundaries are known yet often overstepped for a variety of reasons; some reasons are good, other reasons are evil. Most human societies place a higher value on the wise and wealthy. Though many foolish and poor people know how to conduct themselves before others they are usually overlooked and thus gain little if nothing in social settings (8,9). Solomon considered the complicity of these debatable and elusive rewards in life.

Often our fallen human nature deals with debatable and elusive rewards in human society with uncontrollable impulses and addictions. One such addiction is eating disorders (10). Many respond to social interactions by refusing to eat and by eating either too much or unhealthy foods. This has a devastating effect on the body that only exasperates the disorder. Solomon concludes, “This too is meaningless, a chasing after the wind.” Recognizing the trap of an eating disorder and the love, justice, and power of God can an eating disorder be overcome.