BDBD is Eccl. 5:8-10

Human society under the sun is made and maintained by flawed humans. The people who govern society obtain money and wealth from those they are meant to govern. The more layers of hierarchy the more finances are required and often demanded (8,9).

When the poor are oppressed, and justice and rights are denied we should not be surprised because this has been going on in every human society to one degree or another for thousands of years (8). The government style and how people come to power do not suddenly change selfish human nature.

We believe that wealth will bring total peace, deep satisfaction, and contentment. When these do not come we do not suddenly realize that our belief in the healing powers of wealth is flawed. Rather we believe we have not achieved the goal of total peace, deep satisfaction, and contentment because we do not have enough wealth. Whoever loves money, therefore, never has money enough. Whoever loves wealth, therefore, is never satisfied with his income. They keep seeking more because “just a little bit more” surely will bring total peace, deep satisfaction, and contentment.

Many have unconditional love for wealth. Even though it never satisfies they want more of it.

Life under the sun is chasing after the wind.