BDBD is Eccl. 2:1-6

I view these words as God talking to me. God is my Father. I am his son (1). He has great compassion for me. He wants and seeks the best for me. He wants me to grow up and be an adult. He wants me to be just like His Perfect Son, Jesus. He wants me to reach the full potential of what he is making me be.

My heavenly Father tells me to accept his words and store up his commands (2). And why not? He loves me and he is incredibly wise. He created me and sees all of time. So when he tells me to turn my ear to his wisdom and apply my heart to understanding him (2), then yea, I sure will.

God my Father is wisdom, knows that in order for our relationship to improve and in order for me to mature I need to seek insight and understanding with great passion and need. I need to cry out for them (3). I need to be like an infant telling my parent in the only way I can, with a loud voice in the darkest night. I need to want it as if mining for silver (4) and humbly ask for it.

When I accept and apply my heavenly Father’s commands within my heart and mind, then he will grant me fear of the Lord. I will understand who I am. I will understand my imperfection and sin. I will know my weakness and his strength. When I search my heart as a miner searches for silver, my Father will show me all the places I need to repent and improve. I will know the fear of my Father and find the knowledge of God (6).